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Advertising Content Policy

Version 1.0

Last Modified 18th November 2018

Restricted Content

Adapptive Limited has a strict policy when it comes to advertising creatives and does not allow content which in Adapptive Limited opinion contains the following types of subject matter.

  • Tobacco, Tobacco-related, E-cigarettes or Vape-related products


  • Drugs or drug paraphernalia related content including:

    • Drug accessories and Illegal drugs

    • Herbal drugs claiming prescription drug benefits

    • Questionable health-related products/unregulated compounds


  • Explicit language


  • Malicious websites or potentially damaging content.


  • Violent or Graphic Content

    • Assault/Rape

    • Injury to human beings or animals

    • Blood or dismemberment of human beings or animals

    • Torture or killing of human beings or animals


  • Sexual or mature content

    • Nudity, Implied or obscured sexual acts

    • Explicit sexual language or acts

    • Visible sexual touching

    • Adult Products

    • Prostitution or Sexual Services


  • Anti or Hateful Speech - Content promoting advocating against a particular group is not allowed. This includes but is not limited to groups identified by their:

    • Race, colour, or origin

    • Religion or political association

    • Age, gender, sexual orientation, or disability


  • Gambling, wagering, or betting of any kind


  • Weapons, including firearms, explosives, knives and ammunition

The list is non-exhaustive and can be added to or changed at Adapptive Limited’s sole discretion.



Should categorisation of the Advertiser, Campaign or Creatives be required then at a minimum the IAB Tier 1 categorisation model must be used.



Any requests for campaign launches and creative changes received after 1200 GMT may not be worked on until the next business day.

Adapptive Limited requires ads be truthful, accurate, and up-to-date.

Campaigns and creative associated with contests, sweepstakes or lotteries must be legally compliant including rules and disclosures.

All advertising claims must be factually supportable.


All creative must comply with governing body legislation and best practice where they apply.


Advertising content cannot appear as breaking news or news content.


All discounts and offers in your ad must be up-to-date and must match the content on your website.


All advertised products, prices, offers, and discounts must be available on your site, at most two clicks away from your landing page, or through a basic search on your site.


Users must be able to perform the ad’s call to action – if any – on the site, within 2 clicks of the landing page.


Any pricing information in ads must comply with local regulations concerning inclusion of tax and other applicable charges.


Pop-up windows are prohibited.


Displaying a confirmation dialog to leave a page or advertiser site is prohibited.


Redirecting to another site/domain regardless of the affiliation to the advertisers site without clear indication is prohibited.


Any other practices, that may degrade or otherwise impact negatively upon the consumer experience are prohibited.

At Adapptive Limited’s discretion campaigns and creative may be cancelled under the any of the following design conditions:

  • A border is missing to avoid confusion with page content.

  • Poor images or text quality.

  • No brand and/or vague messaging.

  • Resembles Windows, Unix, Mac, or any device or OS dialog boxes.

  • Poor grammar or spelling.

  • Advertiser site is not consistent with the offer.

  • Copyrighted/trademarked material may not be used without the consent of the copyright or trademark holder, unless otherwise permitted.

Adapptive Limited may cancel, disallow or block an Advertiser, Campaign or creative at any time for any reason even if the Advertiser received prior approval for the campaign or creative.

  • Adapptive Limited may notify the advertiser, but are under no obligation do so.

  • Adapptive Limited may offer an advertiser an opportunity to correct the issue, but is under no obligation to do so.

  • Advertiser is responsible for all media fees incurred.